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Open Genre Variety Stage

Tues - Fri




Our minds are like our stomaches; they are whetted by the change of their food, and variety supplies both with fresh appetite.




Scrambled YEG is an Open Genre Variety Stage running every Tuesday-Friday from 5-8pm at Brittany's Lounge. All artist from all mediums are encouraged to occupy the stage and share their creations.

We invite Visual, Oratory, Auditory, and Movement artists to consider the stage their playhouse. The stage at Brittany's Lounge is a place to build new audiences, try new ideas, gain inspiration, hone skills, and gain critical leverage through preparation and critique. Scrambled YEG, through Brittany's Lounge is committed to providing a venue for emerging and established artists to develop this new work in a safe and supportive environment.



Visual Artists – Painters, Sketch, Cartoonists, Photographers, Short Movies, Sculpture, Physical Installations, Computer Graphics, . . . . . 


Oratory Artists – Spoken word, Poets, Short Stories, Comedians, Activists, Monologues, Keynote Speeches, . . . . .


Auditory Artists – Musicians, Singers, DJ's, Workshops, . . . . . 


Movement Artists – Dance, Contortion, Juggling/Aerial, . . . . . 



Click the Egg to Register as a Performer!!

Why Register?

It is useful for both scheduling and to facilitate connections between artists, promoters, private commissions ....



 It grants artist access to Book Center Stage!

 It grants artists access to the booking calendar. This is an open stage, and if it isn't occupied it is available to anyone feeling spontaneous! Having said that, priority is awarded to booked time slots.


The ability to pre-book your stage time allows artists the confidence to invite friends, colleagues, the world at large.. to come support, with the confidence of knowing you are guaranteed a specific  time period.